Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) is a Swedish rock/metal band. Their first EP “Kapitel 1” was released on Friday the 30th of November 2018 and can be described as a dirty mix of Joy Division, The Cure, Thåström and dark metal, with vocals in Swedish.

Their story began in the summer of 2017. Two old friends, Klas Bohlin from Beseech (vocals) and Jonas Persson (guitar) had a warm beer and a (2 out of 5) dinner at a Chinese joint in Gothenburg. As usual they started talking about music and old records, but were also a bit excited about the evening concert with The Hellacopters. Eventually Klas said that he wanted to be in a band with cool music lovers that rehearse every week, with the aim to create something different… (Jonas nodded) – Well, well, me and Mattias Lejon (Bass) have just started to share some ideas for songs, he said. – Sounds interesting, perhaps we should join forces, but also ask Håkan (the drummer in Beseech) if he is interested, Klas said.

A few days later Jonas presented some rough ideas for songs, and Klas started to work on vocal melodies, but something was missing… the edge within the lyrics. So Klas killed all his little darlings and stopped writing about tragedies and losses. Instead, he went back to his roots listening to classic thrash- and death metal, playing Call of Cthulhu and watching to many horror B-movies with cheap explosion effects.

At the same time they also realized, besides the music the importance to create a fictive concept. Therefore, they began writing a backstory about a mysterious society called Svarta Sanningar, that were active during the 70s. The results became a thrilling story of screams, horror and devilry ridden by occultism, ritual killings, corporate scandals and skimmers, expressed through the most dangerous form of hard rock. The whole idea was to re-capture some of the atmosphere from Italian horror movies, but transform the drama into music.

The future

At the moment Svarta Sanningar are looking at their options to play live, but also to keep the dark force going by writing creepy stuff for their next chapter, “Kapitel 2”.