Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) is a secret order formed by a group of doomsday contractors, misunderstood scientists and occultists. To express their mission, they have chosen the most dangerous form of hard rock (yes, you read right…) where they preach the truth about the forces of darkness.

No one knows how long Svarta Sanningar have existed. The first known observations of the society were in the 1970s, on a small island Tuve of Hisingen, just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. The only official documentation is a surveillance tape, recorded at midnight on the 11th February 1976. From the recording there is hard evidence about a land deal that went wrong.

PBCL Investments (the deal contractor) leased the land to Svarta Sanningar for a multi billion dollar sum for mining metals. Once the deal went through, the whole area was in the locked down and no third parties were allowed to enter.

Under mysterious circumstances, the dead body of the CEO from PBCL was found in his office the following week. The police declared it as a ritual suicide and the case was dropped.
Furthermore, there were also unconfirmed testimonies about occult fairs in the Tuve area as well as frequent nightly helicopter activities in the airspace around Tuve during the period of 1976-77. The helicopters were black without markings. A retired general from the Swedish air force, later active as a church pastor in the area, Ernst Mörck, confirmed that it was the same helicopter model used by the Swedish Air Force at the time.

The following year on the 30th of November, a severe landslide took place in the area of Tuve, later called Tuveraset. The official explanation of the tragedy was that it was intense autumn rains that had created a highwater pressure in the ground, thus impairing ground stability.

A military investigation showed several indications pointing to a shady deal reeking of corruption within PBCL Investments and the residents in the Tuve area. Still to this day, what actually happened that day are shrouded in secrecy.

Svarta Sanningar - Story

Today, Svarta Sanningar is funded by Atravs Medical, a black listed corporation that apart from being a pharmaceutical manufacturer, also is said to develop new psychedelic drugs and post-apocalyptic action strategies. Knowing that we are living in the decadence of a civilization where all the assets of the world are soon consumed, where screams, horror and devilry are soon a part of everyday life. And where Homo Sapiens are an endangered species, we require new perspectives and solutions in modern parapsychology and necromancy. Along with Svarta Sanningar, Atravs has found ways to step into a darker state of mind that give them the ability to look into the future, which has taken them far beyond other known scientific hypotheses and religious prophecies. However, not everyone believes that the work of Svarta Sanningar brings something good to the world. There is a strong resistance from independent church activists including Gabriel Mörck, who has taken over his father’s role as pastor in the church of Riders of Light. Pastor Mörck is doing everything in his power to oppose and “reveal” the work of Svarta Sanningar from his point of view.

The first EP ”Kapitel 1” (Chapter 1) of Svarta Sanningar, is the result of a seance that took place during the Atravs Research Conference in November 2017. The proceedings of this show that it is now time to realize the power of the Pentagram (Pentragrammet). That the Demon (Demonen) must be brought to life. That there are risks of performing after-death Experiments (Experimentet), and that primitive methods such as Necromantics (Nekromantik) can be the key to life, when death is your given path.

On the 30th of November 2018, the world as we knew it came to an end. But the horrors didn’t go away on that day, there are just too many gaps to fill in. So many questions that need answers… and everything is pointing to Atravs Medicals.