Svarta Sanningar - Ritual Deluxe


Svarta Sanningar
Ritual deluxe – Single

  • 1. Ritual deluxe. 03:30
  • Release date: 2022-10-07
  • Lyrics & music: Svarta Sanningar.
  • Recorded & produced by: Mikael Andersson.
  • Mix & master: Mikael Andersson / Soundport.
  • Record label: Atravs Medical.
  • Distribution: Amuse Music Distribution.

All rights reserved: © & P 2022.


Ritual deluxe

(Lyric translation from Swedish)

Verse 1:
Did they feel like I, a chill at their side?
Did they notice like I, when the lie began to twinge?
to kneel at the altar and turn the
time to another zone

In a ritual deluxe,
in the blackest sermon, your turn came, to rise again

In a ritual deluxe,
In the gray zone between death and life, we take farewell

Verse 2:
Did they bend like I, our age into the wide?
Did they confess like I, when the truth began to twinge
To stand in line, and get the sentence to suffer
When the soul takes another form