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Photography: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget

Photography: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget.

Introduction 2024 – Let Svarta Sanningar lead you into the darkness!

Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) is a Swedish occult rock and gothic metal band. Their music has also been described as a heavier and darker version of Depeche Mode, with connections to the bands Ghost and Opeth.

The band’s journey began in 2017 with two old friends, lukewarm beer and a dinner at a Chinese joint in Gothenburg. Klas Bohlin (vocals) the founder of the gothic metal band Beseech and Jonas Persson (guitar) were talking about music and vinyl records, but were also a bit excited in founding a new band. Svarta Sanningar was formed shortly after in the city of Borås, when Mattias Lejon (bass) and Håkan Carlsson (drums / Beseech), became a part of the dark musical vision.

Svarta Sanningar has built an entire concept around a fictional backstory, which includes an occult order society with the same name as the band. According to rumors, the order was located at the Swedish island Fjärrö during the 70s, but no one seems to know for sure. The overall experience can be summed up as a horror movie on VHS and an H.P Lovecraft drama on steroids.

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Kapitel 2

1. Kemisk Reinkarnation. 06:12
* Single release. Out May 7.

2. Preparatet. 08:52

3. Ett Ockult Hospital. 07:22

4. Den Sista Sprutan. 05:48

Kapitel 1

1. Pentagrammet. 04:06

2. Demonen. 04:45

3. Experimentet. 05:20

4. Nekromantik. 06:42

Music video – Kemisk Reinkarnation

Svarta Sanningar – Pentagrammet (Acoustic Version)

Svarta Sanningar – Ritual Deluxe

Trailer video EP (2 min) – Kapitel 2

Trailer video EP (2.10 min) – Kapitel 1

Svarta Sanningar – Credits

  • Lyrics & music: Svarta Sanningar.
  • Recorded & produced by: Svarta Sanningar.
  • Mix & master: Mikael Andersson / Soundport.
    Photography / EP cover & band photos: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget.
  • Light design / music video: Mikael Blohm.
  • Camera & edit / music video: Emil Dorbell.
  • Location / music video: Borås Stadsteater.
    Record label: Atravs Medical.
  • Distribution: Amuse Music Distribution.

All rights reserved: © & P 2017-2024.

Svarta Sanningar – The band

Svarta Sanningar - Band

Photography: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget.

DOWNLOAD (26.9mb)

Svarta Sanningar - Band - 1

Photography: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget.

DOWNLOAD (27.6mb)

Svarta Sanningar - Band - 2

Photography: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget.

DOWNLOAD (27.5mb)

Log line / Backstory

On September 29, 1976, a landslide occurred on the Swedish island Fjärrö, which was officially declared a natural disaster. At the same time, excavations were underway on the island by the corrupt corporation PBCL Investments, which according to anonymous testimonies had connections to the occult order society Svarta Sanningar. The anxiety among the island’s free church activists was great and a wave of suspicion grew stronger, the closer they got to the truth and the local private clinic Fyrens Hospital.

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Jonas Persson - Guitars
Håkan Carlsson - Drums
Mattias Lejon - Bass
Klas Bohlin - Vocals

Logos by: Doomherre.