The conspiracy that makes you shudder and scream!

During the late 70s a mysterious fog lay heavy over the island Fjärrö in Sweden. At the same time, the order society Svarta Sanningar embarked on a new chapter to entrap lost souls to their horrifying experiments at the island’s and Atravs Medicals private clinic Fyrens Hospital.

Chapter 1

Hell broke loose as a landslide occurred on September 29 at 21:09 1976, on the island of Fjärrö outside Gothenburg. Officially it was explained as a natural disaster, but a classified investigation by the intelligence service showed otherwise. As the pieces began to fall into place, a dark conspiracy theory showed that the landslide had connections to a dark tangle of occult and hair-raising events.

During 1976, the intelligence service received anonymous testimonies about black helicopters circulating intensively in over the island, as well as strange light phenomena pulsating against the night sky. One of the classified reports also contained detailed descriptions of an unknown creature that appeared in a circle of men in dark cowls. The fear and anxiety was very great among the locals.

The intelligence service questioned why the government personnel who normally investigate catastrophic events were not given access to the area. Was it just a coincidence that blacklisted enterprise PBCL Investments leased a pieace of land in the area? This raised suspicions of something much worse than dirty business. According to Christian activists, PBCL were alleged to be in alliance with the devil, which was silenced in a tangle of bribes and corruption as the press and media tried to approach the area.

During the fall the same year, a series of explosions was heard. Caravans of heavy trucks drove shuttles to and from the area. What was transported in the black, heavy vehicles? The journalist at the daily newspaper Fjärröposten, Anne Basun-Clou, wrote an article in which she concluded that it seemed to be a kind of excavation. The article also states that the landowner PBCL could not be reached for comment. At the time, there was no information that the land deal had connections to the order society Svarta Sanningar.

Chapter 2

On September 29 1976 PBCL Investments had left the Fjärrö. On a seemingly undamaged area in the landslides, Johannes Silfverhjelm, the intelligence service’s reconnaissance leader and pastor Ernst Mörck of the free church organization The Riders Of Light met for the first time. The two men did not know each other, but were there for the same reason – to find evidence. Ernst quickly convinced Johannes that he had valuable information that couldn’t officially be revealed. At least not yet. The time and place of the landslide were part of a chain of past events, where some parts were easier to understand than others. They confiscated a briefcase containing two strange machines, just minutes before the police and rescue services arrived at the scene.

Once in safety, Ernst opened up and began telling Johannes a most horrifying story. The site of findings had been a haunt of occult activities of the mysterious order society Svarta Sanningar. The machines, that bore Atravs Medical’s logo, confirmed Johannes’ concerns about the recent shady deals surrounding the excavations in the area. The portfolio also included drawings and documents about an expansion of the local private clinic Fyrens Hospital, where a central part of the plan was the so-called “Black Ward” – an underground and seemingly completely unknown research facility. In addition, there was a photograph dated September 25th, 1971 with a group of men in black suits. Ernst was able to identify people from PBCL’s board, Atravs Medical and a group of doctors at St. Silbers Hospital. Together, they swore an oath not to talk to anyone until they had enough evidence to expose the conspiracy.

The unique rock type

No one knew that there was a rich deposit of something under the ground at Fjärrö that the order society desperately wanted to get their hands on. A black, crystalline rock called Dracunit, only found in rare places where the surface soil layer consists of a certain type of muddy swamp. Since Dracunit was complicated and risky to mine, the extraction was regulated through a worldwide monopoly by PBCL Investments.

Björn Groop and the engineers

As early as 1968, a handful of scientists gained access to the peculiar rock type. One of them was the renowned brain surgeon, Dr. Björn Groop of St. Silbers Hospital. He had been recruited to Atravs Medical’s unique research project and successfully proved that Dracunit containes a kind of antimatter that seemed to have a modifying effect on stem cells. The following year, two of his patients died during treatment and Björn was accused of gross misconduct. The autopsy reports had one thing in common. High levels of Dracunit had been found in the blood of the deceased. The indictment should have gone to court but was resolved through a settlement. Confidentiality agreements between PBCL’s lawyers and the relatives of the victims were signed.

The occult hospital

The years passed and Atravs Medical took Björn under its wing. He received a position of chief physician at their private clinic Fyrens Hospital, which was modestly inaugurated in 1974. Outwardly, the business was declared a closed private institution for patients with complicated diagnoses, but below the surface a platform for advanced studies and experiments via the so-called “Black Ward”. Here, Björn was able to operate without the authorities’ transparency and with unlimited resources. Together with Atravs Medical’s engineers Carl Leon and Per Bohl they produced “Element 667”, a preparation tested on a group of patients in their final stages of life. The drug initially had few complications and some of the patients could miraculously return to normal life. Then came the setback and the reports of serious side effects such as aggression, lack of empathy and sensitivity to light. The research had now crossed the line of Björn’s conscience and the doctor’s oath he had once sworn, but there was no turning back. Not now when he had come this far…

The public and the authorities were kept unaware of the activities, but an increasing wave of suspicion among the locals grew stronger. According to Björn’s friends and former colleagues at St. Silbers Hospital, Björn felt worried about the future of Fyrens Hospital. How come that only he knew about the so-called engineers? Had he become paranoid? Despite the scandals with Element 667, Atravs Medical demanded Björn to follow the strategy so that the research could continue in secret. But more volunteers were needed for the experiments, regardless of the outcome.

During the summer of 1977, it was time to begin the next phase of research. At the top of the agenda was the development of the finest product in Atravs Medical’s portfolio – “The Last Syringe”. Deep down, Björn understood that something wasn’t right when he was asked to leave the operating room in the final phase of the experiments. According to the engineers it needed to be supervised by a group of powerful men of spiritual ancestry. Behind closed doors, Björn could hear the patients’ heartbreaking screams, while the rabble of strange formulas went on for hours. But then one day, a streak of red light could be seen under the threshold. A small group of test subjects had managed to survive without any side effects. The patients also proved to be receptive to clairvoyance and the unique ability to “bend time” via anti-gravity.

But something happened to the souls of the patients, a blackness and lust for power that Björn could not explain. Despite the progress, costs increased and special services were created for an extra wealthy clientele. One of the treatments “The Chemical Reincarnation” created a perceived feeling of the remission of sins, which became a flagship among via occult auctions on the black market. At this time, Björn found it increasingly difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Had he been involved in turning people into monsters? Who were the people in the mysterious order society? In sheer desperation, he started using drugs and, gradually, leaking confidential information to colleagues in the medical industry. Shortly, rumors spread about the hospital’s ritual-like methods and that those who went in, never came back.

On January 5th 1979, reconnaissance leader Johannes received a phone call from a person who claimed to be a former colleague of Björn at St. Silbers Hospital. The person who wished to remain anonymous testified that Björn had been declared insane and thus dismissed from Fyrens Hospital. An internal investigation by the county council had resulted in Björn’s doctor’s license being revoked, which was considered as a tragedy and a shame in the medical profession.

A few days later, Björn is reported missing by a worried relative.

The Riders of Light

Over time, the free church organization Riders of Light, led by Pastor Ernst Mörck, had come to the conclusion that their nemesis, the order society Svarta Sanningar, had connections to both Fyrens Hospital and PBCL Investments. On several occasions, they organized protests against Fyrens Hospital’s “unchristian values”, about how they “mislead people into evil” by challenging the belief in a higher power. However, this did not gain much media attention. Instead it was mostly perceived as a fundamentalist plot by Christian lunatics who put their faith before science.

But then the great tragedy occurred…. Pastor Ernst Mörck’s wife, Rose-Marie, disappeared without a trace after a protest on December 5th, 1978.

Ljusets Ryttare

A police investigation was set up but came to a dead end, since the wife recently told a friend that she had intended to leave Ernst. After a month, it emerged that Rose-Marie, who was a nurse had been offered a job at Fyrens Hospital shortly after the protest. Was it possible that she had been seduced by the mystique and suspense of what was going on at the hospital? Or had she constantly worked in collusion with Svarta Sanningar? When the news came, Ernst became obsessed. He swore before God and his church to annihilate Svarta Sanningar and their relatives. An important next step in his mission was to create a strong free church resistance movement of deeply believing sympathizers. Among them was also reconnaissance leader Johannes Silfverhjelm.

The raid on Fyrens Hospital

On January 16th 1979, the intelligence service conducted a house search against Fyrens Hospital. Reconnaissance leader Johannes claimed that groundbreaking evidence from an anonymous witness could be a game changer for the investigation. Finally they could reveal the conspiracy behind one of the worst research projects in Swedish history. Strangely enough, no traces of either occultism or mysterious experiments were found during the raid. Despite detailed construction drawings there were no stairs or elevators to an underground research facility where the “Black Ward” should have been. Not even in the patient records were there any traces of strange diagnoses and treatments. The strike was declared a failure and Johannes was immediately fired.

The whereabouts of Björn Groop, Rose-Marie Mörck and other locals who visited Fyrens Hospital was never revealed.