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* (Google translated from Italian)
The history of Svarta Sanningar began when two old friends, singer Klas Bohlin and guitarist Jonas Persson, met in Gothenburg to chat about music and records until the idea of ​​forming their own band emerged. Shortly after, bassist Mattias Lejon and drummer Håkan Carlsson joined. As they say, the rest is history. In November 2018 the first EP was released, entitled “Kapitel 1”, which got good feedback and this prompted the band to release the next chapter, namely “Kapitel 2”, also in EP format. Both releases revolve around a concept centered around conspiracies, secret occult societies and mysterious events during the second half of the 1970s. On the purely musical side there is a lot of meat in the fire and there is no dominant genre in the music of the quartet.

The four tracks on the disc unfold in many directions. The opener “Kemisk Reinkarnation” refers a lot to the gothic rock scene of the 80s mixed with some passages more oriented towards post-rock. The vocals are dark at the right point and despite the presence of numerous dark and gothic choirs, the electric explosions are not lacking. The elements that make up the track are many and well integrated and in the subsequent “Preparatet” they also increase scattering thanks to a more progressive rock setting that decides to flirt even with metal sounds free from constraints. Hard rock and some light electronic sprinkles also pop up, which will serve as a carpet for “Ett Ockult Hospital”. If before Jonas Persson’s guitar was more liquid and devoted to post rock,here it is exploited with more class by raising decidedly dark and dramatic melodic brushstrokes. There is a particular sound research as well as the desire to be professional. Each element, both in the sounds and in the composition, is treated in every aspect as in the final
“Den Sista Sprutan” between pop and varied atmospheres in the manner of The Chant. There is still little amount of material to objectively understand in which direction the band will continue to move but the premises are very good.

A small underground reality to follow and support, given the not indifferent quality !!!

Score : 3.5/5
Written by : Enzo Booked