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Hymn.se 13/11/2022

Svarta Sanningar have been playing occult rock with a touch of goth and metal since 2017. They have self-described their music as a heavier and darker Kent with elements of Ghost, Opeth and Depeche Mode, among others. Now they’re back with a new acoustic version of the song “Pentagram” (originally released in 2018).

On 29 September 1976, a landslide occurred at Fjärrö, which was officially declared a natural disaster. At the same time on the island, excavations were underway by the corrupt PBCL Investments group, which, according to anonymous testimony, had links to the occult Svarta Sanningar order. Unrest was rife among the island’s free church activists, and a wave of suspicion grew stronger as they got closer to the truth – and the local private hospital, Fyrens Hospital.

So goes, somewhat succinctly, the fictional backstory on which Svarta Sanningar has built an entire concept. HYMN’s Anton Lindskog wanted to know more and decided to check the situation with the band

Who are Svarta Sanningar?
– Svarta Sanningar is an alternative occult rock and metal band in the borderland between black rock, post rock and country. The combination of these less trendy genres has made us something of a watershed. Either you appreciate the mix or you don’t. In general, we think fans of dark music will find it easier to embrace what we do, whether you listen to Townes Van Zandt, Opeth or The Mission.

What’s going on in the world of Svarta Sanningar right now?
– We’re current with a new version of the song “Pentagram”, which shows a low-key acoustic side of us. Just over a month ago we released the song “Ritual Deluxe”, which was a bit more up-tempo side with hints of Kent, Danzig, The Cult and Depeche Mode in their darkest moments. Our music is basically dark but can take different directions depending on what we feel like doing.

What does your band name mean?
– Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) is an antithesis to white lies, but also the name of an occult order society, which is said to have been active in the 1970s on the island of Fjärrö outside Gothenburg.

What inspires Svarta Sanningar?
– Musically, we in the band have a common background in both playing and listening to dark music of quite different kinds. As 70’s people we are also heavily influenced by video violence and old B-horror movies, where H.P Lovecraft’s “Re-Animator” should of course be mentioned as a source of inspiration. Before our EP releases, which are divided into chapters, we always write a backstory to give an additional dimension to the music.

The song “Pentagram” was originally released in 2018. Why have you chosen to return to it?
– It was our guitarist Jonas who had the idea and recorded a demo. The rest of us liked it, and some time ago we continued to develop it and landed on the acoustic version. Unlike the original version, which is more goth and metal, it sounds more like a mix of Thåström, The Doors, Katatonia… and H.P Lovecraft of course.

What are your immediate plans after the song release?
– The whole thing about playing in bands is often about going out and playing live, which also applies to us. Some time ago we played at “Gothic Night” at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg together with Canis Lupus and Z73, a great night that we’d love to do again elsewhere. In parallel we are always writing new music. Whether it will be more singles, an album, a new EP, time will tell. We like to do things DIY and do what feels right and proper to us. By music lovers for music lovers, so to speak.

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