29-10-2021 Dark, Avtonom, Svarta Sanningar

Tempelores 01/11/2021

Svarta Sanningar released their EP “Kapital 2” in May this year and as we were enjoying it strongly, we were looking forward to see it live. Melancholy and occult going hand in hand and seeing this live is a next level in the experience. Words are lay down or the audience with the stress in such a way that it almost becomes hypnotic, at least for a non-Swedish speaker like your reporter.

Sometimes it feels a bit like a tease, when they slow it down a bit and yet the passionate way the words are brought are adding another dimension to it.

A diverse set is played where the emotional “Ett Ockult Hospital” jumps out most almost at the end of the night. A responsive audience fills in the rest and altogether it concludes a show that made a good impression on those present.

Check out their site for lots of cool photos from the show : https://tempelores.com/?p=37411