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* (google translated from Finnish)
Black Truths began in 2017 when the Beseech band’s founder, singer Klas Bohlin and guitarist Jonas Persson talk about music, vinyl and the idea of starting a new band. Bassist Mattias Lejon and Beseech drummer Håkan Carlsson were soon recruited. The debut EP Chapter 1 was released in 2018 and was received quite well in the music media. The band has built a fictional background story around their music, based on a secret religious society called Svarta Sanningar and which was housed on the island of Fjärrö in the 1970s. The second EP is now at hand and continues the story from the first. Musically, Black Truths evokes images of both Katatonia and Kent as well as British Thine. Overall, the melancholy heavy rock is on the one hand long-lasting atmospheric and on the other hand quite fucking captivating. The music has a pop sensitivity, but it is a ruthless fact that it ends too soon.

Rating: 4/5
/ Written by Mikko Malm